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My Name is Rennia Morris & I am a creative writing on these amazing new fashion website for all your fashion advice & beauty tips. The website is made up of people with experience in the fashion & beauty industry. First let me tell you a little about myself,

I am a Dancer/Choreographer, Model, Actress & Hostess. I am very involved in the entertainment industry & love keeping up with new trends & fashion. My nickname is AKA: Lil NiA The styler & I love to hear my readers opinions or feedback & you can get in touch with me on social media. I own & manage a performing arts school & representation of many students & artist building a career in the entertainment industry. I hope you enjoy reading the Articles we have created & put together for you. Peace out & kind regards Rennia Morris


Current Activities

A Troubled Town

This is a mini web series I been acting in & it was filmed in the western suburbs of Sydney. The storyline is great with something everyone can relate to in some way or another. The story has heartache, love, betrayal, loyalty, hope, death, faith, lies, twist & turns in this gangsta drama series. You can check the teaser out on YOU TUBE, titled A TROUBLED TOWN. The cast will be doing a live interview with the Producer, Director, sound & lighting & a few acting cast on Mac Happy Day MacDonalds on Elizabeth Drive Liverpool.

 Western Sydney Hip Hop will be broadcasting live with live music, vocal & dance performances.

The aim is to get the community & youth involved to support the small film industry in our local areas & the web series has a goal to reach one million views & likes. This is a web series that would be an Amazing ???? MOVIE & with your local support we believe it's possible. More information will be uploaded with details, so keep an eye out for details in the next week.

So please go to YouTube check it out & Please remember to share, like or ❤️ with your friends.


AKA: lil NIA , Da Styler.

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So what's the film industry got to do with fashion? Well, you would be surprised to know that fashion is involved in many other ways than just dressing & styling the actors. In the fashion, film industry a set fashion designer will create a look to blend & match the actor's wardrobe, hair & makeup for an on-location film ...
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Surviving and Preparing for Beauty Pageants

​If you have ever been on stage & judged in anyway,  than you know that it can be scary but you have to take your hats  off to the lovely ladies that have the confidence to do what a lot of women couldn't do. The trick to looking great on stage is to be natural, be yourself & have fun. Own the stage & love just being apar...
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The Fashion of Nail art

​Nail Art is a big fashion statement in the world of fashion & beauty with so many colours & even texture to choose from. I remember when I was s teenager getting your nails done was a simple as picking  a nail polish colour but today you have the choice of designs, Shapes & even the option of piercing  your nai...
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