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The Fashion Journal: The 1950's

The Fashion Journal: The 1950's

The fashion journal: 1950's. 

The 1950's. A time in fashion where the female body is flattered and ravished in it's most voluptuous, most complementing manner. Of course, as a sociological, political aspect of the 1950's, the female presence and role was not as greatly respected, understood and appreciated as the fashion of the golden era. A lot of this sociological sexism and dehumanizing nature was stemmed from a heavy Christian and catholic following. Going to your local church on Sundays was heavily followed whilst the gender roles were completely hammered down into people's deep conscious. 

On a more personal level, I have learnt to absolutely embrace the power of voluptuous fashion of the 1950's. Growing up and hitting teenage hood with an hour glass was very difficult for me, as I would try so very hard to dress to the mainstream fashion, which was in the bodily structure of straight up and down and very revealing, i found. I would feel really chubby and unattractive as the clothing I was wearing showed, (what I thought) was a lot of skin. My whole upper arm was showing, skirts were above the knees, it was formally embarrassing. I felt ashamed to have such curves. I dieted in a really unhealthy matter for quite some time and still, my shape would not disappear. I remember just wanting to be straight up and down, like the people around me, it was not until around august of last year that I really started to embrace my natural body figure and wear mid waste skirts that flair out and high heels (as I am super short). In fact, It wasn't until I started working as a stripper that I really embracer my voluminous curves. 

The first gig I had with stripping, I had no idea what was going on. I walked into the club at 7, not knowing actually had to be n the floor at 7. I brought along some shitty undies and a plain bra and had some really dark red lipstick. I felt so unattractive compared to all the garter belts, thigh high stockings and loads of makeup. But in time, to the right cabaret, vintage music and after adding my flair of style to my own hustling getup I learned to in a way, accept my body more. I would wear corsets, garter belts and thigh high stockings with the seams on the back, oh and latex leather opera gloves and occasionally a top hat. I really don't think there's anything sexier and more flattering than being yourself and dressing to your specific body shape is a great form of comfortablity in your own skin. Finding your style is a journey in its own form. 

The fashion journal: 1950's –

HOW TO DRESS TO AN HOURGLASS FIGURE Step 1: FIND UNIQUE STORE OR OP SHOP - Find a store online or in Hindley street that sells vintage interpreted clothes as they are almost Impossible to find. Off ya tree in Hindley street is a great face for mid waist dresses that spring out at the hips and go below knee down. 1940's wiggle skirts and dresses can also work exceptionally well for hourglass figures, as a wiggle dress configures of starting at the mid waist and going down below the knee which really visually embraces a curvaceous figure.

Step 2: UNDERGARMETS – The right underwear for your figure is surprisingly a big part of your physical confidence. I used to wear boy legs and random undies that did not fit my body shape at all. It was physically uncomfortable and I also felt really quite unattractive. The first time I ever wore a G string was the first night of stripping. This girl helped me out and Gave me a g string. I put it on and couldn't stand looking at my ass in it, but in time I have come to find that g and t strings actually suit my body shape really well, with a garter belt connected to it. They are comfortable for my body shape and the underwear I wear doesn't get swallowed up from my behind. High wasted underwear that shapes the hips and waist are also helpful.

Step 3: CARDIGAN HEAVEN - Cardigans are a necessity for me as my upper arm is a big part of my body. Incorporsting a cardigen or a cape can really boost my convidence. So many fashion pieces in thie generation are sleeveless and after years of wearing sleeveless dresses and tops I can finially say they dont that they suit me.

Step 3: GARTER BELTS – Garter belts can be your best friend. Not only do they start mid waist, garter belts cover the hip and accentuates it in the most sensual way. I think garter belts are extremely complementing on an hour glass figure. The arched back Is complemented then slowly draws your eyes to the beautiful, curvaceous hips and goes down to the cheeks, which look beautifully full. 

So there you have it, that was The first ever article of the series: The fashion journal. The moral of this blog was to fit to your shape, dress for you and not for others acceptance, be yourself!  

Most eccentric regards,

By Rachel Hall.


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