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KKW Kylie Lip Kit Review

​I am here to give you a bit of feedback on the Kim Kardashian West and Kylie New range this is a four pack pace that came out a little while ago however recently had a lot of friends and some model colleagues have asked me what I think of them and wanted me to give a review on this blog. I feel like other reviews online have been focusing on the packaging and how cute the matching set was rather than addressing the lip products themselves.

The pack comes in four shades which are Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmy.

The first shade Kimberly I love, this really suits me and I believe is a colour that would be quite popular with the majority of girls. The only issue was once again using a lot of product to layer this colour on.

The second shade I tried was Kim. This looks like a beautiful shade but it is a little too much of an apricot and a nude for my liking and not a colour I would have picked for myself. This colour made me look very washed out. Obviously everybody has a different complexion, and for you, it could be very different, but on my skin, this isn't a good look. Not to say that it's a bad colour but I'm disappointed. It was also a shame that I had to apply this several times to get a decent coverage (also had some feedback from some friends also suggested that they had to apply at six I'm several times) which isn't a good sign especially for a product from Kylie which usually only require one or two layers. I was disappointed because I don't want a thick layer that fills like it will start to peel.

I also had difficulty washing off this product. When it was on my actual lips, it was fine because I had seven layers of it and it just peeled off, however, I was left with what I call the "Homer Simpson" shadow around my face and it just looked terrible had to rub off with scrubber and cover with foundation sadly I'm' giving the shade one out of five stars.

The shade I tried next was called KiKi now this I don't consider under this shadea nude colour it is so bright more of a apricots sort of fluoresce colour/ a coral shade . Even this was hard to apply and I had to use several layers. This scoselection did not suit my complexion and again the Homer Simpson shade around the mouth when you removed it. I'm giving that one two stars out of five bevcause I am not happy. I think I'm about to get down a little bit just because of the colour didn't suit me, however, this selection might look great on your complexion.

I'm quite happy with the fourth selection which is called Kimmy. I would've picked this a nude because it is a little bit orange and again it does remind me of a cross between a nerd and Anastasia Beverly Hills shade Ashton. This selection would go really nice with a darker eye shadow and your Browns.

Over all these products weren't worth buying. Compared to Kylie's independent range that set the bar so high for the lip industry with affordability and quality these were a disappointment. Giving the overall pack three out of five because I did like shades one and four. However, the quality wasn't the best.


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