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Improve Your Photo Pose and Look Like a Pro

Photographer: Ramy Alaa | Model: Kayla Thompson

Many of you love being in photos, and sometimes we are obligated to participate in a photo shoot at family gatherings, weddings​ and other formal events. Getting that perfect look every time does not come easy, and it takes skill and practice. I have compiled a few pointers for you that will help improve your photo pose and your general confidence when it comes to having your photo taken.


Use the mirror and "check yourself". A full-length mirror is ideal. Stand in front of it. See how your body shapes. Play around with different body, facials and hand positioning because this will give you an idea of what the camera will see. This technique is most useful for those new to modelling because they have not had much experience, feedback or other references to compare them self.


Magically look slimmer and taller within seconds. Separating your limbs from your body will create an illusion of a thinner you. For example, have your hand on your hip, opposed to leaning against the side of your body. When you have mastered this technique, you will be able to look slimmer. This method does not work miracles, yet can do wonders for quick improvements when you are posing for photos.


Before shooting or getting ready for an even have a self-care regime in place. As a trainer, model and coach I ensure I always follow the protocols required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, have a skin care regime in place and drink plenty of water. Do what makes you feel great.


Over time I have learned to relax my eyes more. Opposed to having them very wide and alert looking which is not natural at all. Once again you need to practice this and find what works for you. As I have already mentioned a mirror is a useful tool, or have a friend take a few snaps and see what looks best. You can face straight into the camera, look as if you can see something close behind the camera, slightly squint or gaze. See what looks more attractive for you and aligns with the style and theme of your shoot. Using your imagination is what photographers often ask models to do because this can assist them with the shoot. Some examples of using your imagination would be to imagine you have just seen .... or imagine your about to.... creating different life situations to assist you in working that expression. Have you ever heard the term "bedroom eyes?". Avoid having eyes looking cross-eye or over-focused.


The nose break is what we do not want. Knowing how far you can turn your head before your nose breaks your cheek. When you are tilting your head for a full side profile, this rule may not apply, but in most other cases both eyes and checks want to be seen in the photo. While nowadays many photographers break this practice to get a specific shot, following it still creates a better image, and if you are taking pictures for special occasions or a family gathering, then this is highly recommended.


I love this little trick that will avoid any "double chin" look and gives the illusion of a longer neck with excellent jaw structure. What you do to achieve this is to move your chin forward slightly. While this might not feel natural or comfortable, it photographs well and can produce beautiful results.


Take some time to plan what you will wear, what your hairstyle will be and who will do your hair and makeup for you. Understand that "small" errors can affect the result of the image. Remove flyaway hair strands, ensure you do not have marks on clothing, iron clothing, avoid smudges on get the drill.... Do not rely on "photoshop" or image manipulation because in some cases this is time-consuming, often expensive and can also annoy the photographer.


I use self-hypnosis within much of my work. Thinking positive helps your self-confidence and goes a long way to removing any doubt. Your mood always shows on film, so it is essential to trust in what you are doing and be in an environment that feels comfortable. You should also ensure you are working with people who make you think positively and this is why in many instances photographers and models meet and talk before shooting.


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