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Its been a very long time since my last article, a combination of both a busy schedule and a required time to test products requested by my readers. In order to review certain product's, I need to allow time to see effective results. Lately, I've focused my trials on hair. At some stage, every woman craves long hair. Its often a long and painful experience trying to trim the dead ends without losing the length and to be quite honest it can become very time consuming and costly. No wonder most of us used hair extensions it's much more convenient.

The last 6 months I've noticed some real changes to my hair. I've always had long hair, but it doesn't seem to grow past the bust. I've spent years trialling and purchasing new products trying to achieve hair to my waist. This is very challenging for someone whose hair grows extremely slow and cops bleach to damage the prowess.

I'm finally at a place I'm actually content with the products I'm using and see wonderful results and growth.

I'm going to recommend my favourite products on the market right now and share with you my hair routine. Now I dye my hair and have spent the last year travelling to high climates and thrashing my hair with sea water, heat and every hair styling product on the market.

First product has caused quite a lot of controversy on social media.

"Infinity hair tummies" some say these are just sugar or a placebo effect, I don't agree with what they say I'm telling you these works. The same as taking hair skin and nail tablets you can notice after two months they work! I have had my hair grow in length this quickly after a trim ever before. I can also tell with the growth of my nails, which is rather annoying when you go from refilling once every three weeks to fortnightly. These babies work for me, they are a bit pricey compared to your skin nail and hair vitamins, but for me, I feel its definitely worth it in the long term.

The next three products I loved so much after trailing I actually rotate between the three. As a dyed blonde I use a strong purple shampoo (NAK, available at hair house warehouse in a purple bottle) this often makes my hair feel dry aid although I need that to achieve my blonde look k find I need a treatment to repair any damage I've just done.

Olaplex- perfect for after the purple shampoo, treatment or just as a once a weekly treatment. This works wonders and replaces protein into the hair that the dye\bleach has stripped out. I've tried a few alternatives to this product curaplex for example, and it just didn't achieve the same feel after that Olaplex does with the shine, softness and healthiness.

Matrix – this was a product recommended by a hairdresser that I found was really good left my hair feeling shinny and healthy really hood after a swim in the pool or at the beach to just revitalise and refresh the hair.

Repair- this was a product I just randomly tried after reading reviews online, and I was really shocked at how amazing this product works instead of a conditioner. Its perfect for dyed and natural hair it doesn't make your hair oily, which I found with other mask treatments or products they look great at the time then the next day you look like you dipped your head in a deep fryer.

Basically, to summaries my routine every 8 weeks I get a trim just the ends bare minimal because sometimes they go crazy with the snipping. Hair tummies one gummy with my morning tablets. Once a week purple shampoo followed by one of my three products. If I swim or have my hair styled harshly, I will use another treatment to prevent any breakage. Hope this helps.

Love ash xx 


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