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So what's the film industry got to do with fashion? Well, you would be surprised to know that fashion is involved in many other ways than just dressing & styling the actors. In the fashion, film industry a set fashion designer will create a look to blend & match the actor's wardrobe, hair & makeup for an on-location film set. Most projects in the industry will use more than one person to manage wardrobe, location design, hair & makeup. 

Speaking of film industry makeup, It brings us back to stage makeup, fantasy & horror. It's not enough to just be pretty to become an actor, As you need to be confident with your character.  A strong personality & passion to perform with the will to make others believe. It also takes a great stylist to give you the bouncy hair, the scare or bleeding mouth, black eyes, monster features, beauty queen looks, eg. Without these AWESOME artists doing a fantastic job, the actors would have to work much harder & not all movies would be worth watching. I mean pitcher Avatar without the AWESOME makeup artist effects?

One thing is for sure with film & fashion industry you have to look the part of your character, style yourself inside & out to be that character, that person & feel their emotions. 

With horror, fantasy & sci-fi stylist, the demand is high for more artist with experience in this field.  

I have been very fortunate to have seen a lot of the tricks of the trade & I am going to share one of my top secrets on creating a bruise & it is very affordable. Well first all you need is a sharp pencil  & then with a blade lightly shade the pencil tip to gain shadings of led, then just rub lightly into the area you want to give the effect to. The more you add the darker the bruise. You can always add eyeshadow to give that extra green or yellow look if needed. Blood is normally purchased online as stage blood or made using special recipes.


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