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Surviving and Preparing for Beauty Pageants

Surviving and Preparing for Beauty Pageants

​If you have ever been on stage & judged in anyway, than you know that it can be scary but you have to take your hats off to the lovely ladies that have the confidence to do what a lot of women couldn't do.

The trick to looking great on stage is to be natural, be yourself & have fun. Own the stage & love just being apart of the show, rather than worrying about, Am I going to win? Winning of course is a bonus but to have a great night & meet new friends is even better, Cause that's what really makes these event so worth while.

Today there is so many different types of pageant to enter for all ages. They have Miss Teen, Miss Dimond, Country Girl modelling, Miss Sassy, Miss Sports extreme, Face of origin, Miss Humble & many more. Some Pagent's have even physical challenges such as dance, acro, wrestling & of course they usually ask the contestants questions to give the audience an idea of what the contestants personality is like.

Every pageant normally has three to four theme sections such as formal wear, evening/casual wear, swimwear & theme wear. The theme wear is most likely to be something to do with the event coordinator or sometimes a sponsor. Swimwear clothing lines often sponsor or if it's say a Miss teen pageant, they would express their personality through an outfit of their choice. Other Pagent's such as The Miss Indigenous, Miss Tonga , Miss Russia eg, Pageants would use cultural theme wear for these section.

The contestant in the beauty Pagent's are judged by around 3-4 judges on public speaking, stage presence, wardrobe, hair & makeup, outfits & of course beauty. The trick to looking your best on the night is exercise/training & remember to drink lots of water the week before, get a good nights rest the night before the event.

Exfoliating the skin the day before the event & going to your local spray tan salon will give you that lovely brown glow. Remember if your very light skin do not go for a really dark tan, As it will give you a tacky orange look. Eyelashes extensions are a must as they will bring your eyes out. If you really want to go all out get your hair done the day before, use good quality makeup & add a little shimmer or glitter to your body to give that extra sparkle, not to much though.

A lot of women that enter pageants take great care of their teeth so using a whitening toothpaste helps & regular visits to the dentist are compulsory. The trick to making them shine on stage while smiling is an old beauty trick & its used by many celebrities today. So ok I'm going to tell you the secret is to use a very little amount of vasoline on your finger & lightly press a court over the front of your teeth, very little. This will give you that shinny white gloss look & has been known to give your smile that sparkle when the cameras are flashing. So if you think you got what it takes or just want to have some fun, give it ago.

I ask one thing from everyone & that's encourage each other, don't put other women down or look for flaws cause the truth is we all have flaws but it's about embracing beauty all shapes, sizes & skin colours. Everyone has a different opinion on what is beautiful & what's not ! but at the end of the day it's still only an opinion not a fact, so please ladies & gentlemen  remember that.




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