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Ashton's Top Foundations of Choice for 2017

The festive season can see me filled with modelling events and shoots, which often provides the perfect opportunity for foundation testing so I've tested over 18 foundations on the market with significant reputations and the most popular selling in Australia and around the world.

When selecting my foundation products, I look for a day wear product which is something that is going to have a nice and neat looking coverage without looking dramatic or cakey. Followed by a product with full coverage that is perfect for shooting with a stage makeup or television makeup coverage.


Rihanna's Fenty - This product has become well known all over the internet not just for its quality but for the 40 different shades it comes in. This product was designed to cater to a range of skin tones and sold out in stores, Sephora could not keep up! The product was given over 500 reviews and a 4.9 star out of 5 stars on Sephora.

When I tested the product, I loved the coverage and how I was able to use little product and give my face a full coverage look. I have also used this for a couple of photo shoots where I needed television make coverage, and I just built up the coverage by applying more product. At no point did it look cakey or unblended.

I have read bloggers and reviewers saying it is not a product you can buy online you need to test the shade to your skin in stores. However, I purchased online with the Sephora, foundation matcher. You just use a previously bought foundation that matches your skin type, and it matches to the shade of Fenty. ( ester launder was my previous go-to foundation as I loved the coverage and shade when using tanner and blending, however, the Fenty gives a more natural look. ) Rihanna intended to provide buyers with a no-makeup perfect skin feel and with the matte finish shes done precisely that! I believe it is fabulous. I'm going to give this product a 5/5 star rating. I couldn't think of anything Rihanna would do to improve this, the price of the product reflects the quality and with not having to use much product for general everyday purposes you will save money. My bottle from Sephora online was $50.00 a bottle.

Love it!


My second pick this is now my go-to for shoots and commercials, it blends so well with my tanner, and I'm in love with this product.

Kate Von D Lock It Foundation - The bottle is not only pretty it has a non-spill clip where I can feel safe to have it roll around in my handbag or makeup bag! Not that you will need to because this products coverage will last after a big night on the town or a long day at a wedding/ event. This product comes out quite thick, so I add my primer to use less product. I can see the foundation lasting me a long time, and the price was equal to Rihanna's Fenty around $50.00 a bottle. I looked for quality and affordability and will continue using this product for a long time into the future. High-pigment, full coverage and very long lasting perfect for tattoo coverage (wish I had this product for a promotional event when I had to cover model Tiffany La rocks sleeve)

5/5 STAR RATING for this brand as well!


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