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Hair extensions are a common part of the fashion world and often we do not even know they are being used. When applied the correct way, hair extensions can look fantastic and make you feel confident. Who doesn't want luscious looking hair?

Using hair extensions are more commonly used for events and special occasions and there are many reasons why women wear them. Some of the common reasons women will wear hair extensions are for length, thickness, colour, scarring or that extra wow factor.

Hair extensions are also very useful for those who are growing their hair or wish to grow out hair. Using excess bleach and harsh chemicals on hair can cause breakage which can really make one feel insecure and take all confidence away so an extension is a great alternative.

You may have heard negative things about hair extensions and they can get a bad reputation but this is due to the fact many people use them incorrectly and neglect to put any effort into things such as colour matching, style or application. When applying any treatment including hair extensions it is also important to take into consideration the quality of the hair.

A qualified and professional hair stylist should be able to advise you on how many extensions you need and the ideal length and colour. To give you an example, a person with fine hair doesn't need as much as a person with really thick hair when both need length because it will blend well for the person with fine hair, whereas the person with thick hair will need to use more when opting for a shorter style.

There are two types of hair extensions to choose from including real hair extensions and synthetic hair. I would highly recommend real hair. The main reason being the "quality", also real hair extensions are more versatile and you can do more with them including treating them as your natural hair.

Synthetic hair can be difficult to blend and does not move as your natural hair would. Synthetic hair can't be treated easily meaning it is not able to be coloured, heated and alike.

When it comes to the amount of time your hair intentions are in place there are two main options which are permanent or semi-permanent. Semi-permanent extensions can be applied daily as well as remove them, or have them in permanently yet need to maintain them every few weeks, months, depending on several factors. Permanent hair extensions remain applied permanently and do not get removed.

Fitting your extensions is an important part of proper usage. You can custom fit your extensions if the hair extension is beaded, tape or clip ins. You should choose an extension that is matched to your hair colour and cut them to style and blend them into your natural hair for the most natural look.

A good set will be natural looking and discreet. Many Hollywood stars and stars use them. You would never know due to the high-quality services.

Extensions can be used several times. The duration they last will depend on how often you wear them, wash them and look after them. Yet if taken good care of a set should last at least 1.5 years.

Hair extensions can be cut, coloured, washed styled with heat. That includes, straighten or even crimps for a 90's look. They are sold in different lengths. Meaning you can add them to lengthen to shoulders or go all out with a set that hits just above the butt.


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