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5 Tips for Flawless Skin


Here are the top 5 things that I personally recommend for taking care of your skin. Now, these things work really well for me but I'm not promising miracles, with different skin types one thing that works for one person may not work for another.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is amazing for moisturising. It is the best thing I have found so far. No longer will I spend money on different moisturisers that may or may not work. My face used to get inflamed and itchy but aloe vera clears it right up and gives me the clearest skin I've ever had. It is also excellent for sunburn it cools it quickly and gets rid of the sunburn a lot faster than if you didn't use anything. Personally, I buy a bottle of aloe vera gel for $8 at the reject shop but if you have your own aloe vera plant it would be a lot better. You can get the gel from the plant by simply slicing it open and squeezing the gel out.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is famous for its moisturising ability in the beauty world. It also contains antibacterial properties so it's great for clearing up and preventing acne. I get a jar of coconut oil for only $5 at Aldi and surprisingly it spreads really easily so that jar can last you ages.

Honey mask

Using a honey mask is my favourite thing to do to get and keep clear skin. It clears up acne, blackheads, evens skin tone and moisturises. Honey is able to do this due to its antibacterial properties and because it is full of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C. Literally all you have to do is smear honey over your face, it feels ridiculous at first but it works. Make sure to keep your hair tied back to avoid a sticky situation. I also love having a really pale complexion so I like mixing in cucumber which is a safe natural bleaching agent. It also cools the skin and evens out skin tone. Mixing in cucumber juice also gives the mask a more watery texture to spread across the skin better. Because I usually only make a very small batch I use a garlic crusher to crush small pieces of cucumber to make the juice however if you were making a large batch you might like to use a small blender. If you have any other ideas feel free to comment below! I can't vouch that every honey will work well, some have different levels of nutrients and some can be just a lot of additives. A lot of people recommend Manuka honey, personally, I like to buy a tub of honey from the local suppliers Do Bee Honey.

Wear sunscreen

Regardless of the season if you're going outside wearing sunscreen is a smart move to protect your skin. Although if you have spent months practically never going outside at all you might not want to wear sunscreen if you are going outside for less than 20 minutes and if it is not a high UV rated day (if you aren't sure there is a SunSmart app which will tell you). This is because if you have spent a long time indoors not getting the vitamin D you need the sunscreen is going to stop you from getting that vitamin D. If you are going to be in and out of shops or are wearing a wide-brimmed hat you might be okay with a moisturiser with SPF (make sure the SPF is high enough though). Although obviously, it's not going to work as well as regular sunscreen unless you have a really high SPF moisturiser.

Take care of acne

I can't speak for severe acne but for small flare-ups or that one pimple that just keeps coming back my favourite thing to do is moisturise with aloe vera. For pimples that have a head or are very large, I use a cotton wool or Q-tip to dab eucalyptus oil onto a pimple, this will dry it out very fast and help kill bacteria, helping it disappear within a few days. Make sure to moisturise while doing this otherwise your skin will end up very dry. Preventing acne is also very important I do this by using a nice pore cleansing facial scrub. I buy a $4 one from Aldi that works great for me however other people with different types of skin might need something different. 


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