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5 Tips for a Bad Hair Day


Wear your hair in a braid

This has become an absolute favourite of mine. For a week this summer my hair had been uncontrollable, really frizzy and impossible to do much with. It was also really hot so even when I wanted to I couldn't wear it down. My hair was so knotty that I would spend an hour brushing it and there would be new knots just from moving my hair a small amount. Every day I decided to brush it and untangle major knots enough to separate it into a few strands and put it in a braid. It's a great really simple option that looks great. Especially if your hair, like mine, is really frizzy as it looks great in a braid as it smooths down the frizziness slightly but the frizz also gives it a nice volume. I braided mine in a simple side braid but any style you prefer would work just as well. A braid is great because it can look good if you just laying around home or if you're even going out and want a classy evening look. Even as your hair gets messier the style still looks great. If your hair is really messy but you have your heart set on wearing it down, adding a few small braids to your hair can give it a cute beach/bohemian style.

Wear a hat/accessorize

Accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to hide a bad hair day. A hat can simply hide your hair and distract someone's gaze. A clip, a bow, a headband or anything goes well with a simple bun or a style gone wrong.

Use a product such as instant rehab

Instant rehab by juice is one of my favourite products it helps your hair look nicer and healthier by taming frizz and reducing the appearance of dry hair and other issues. Spraying a small amount onto your hair and brushing it through is one of the simplest ways to improve a bad hair day when your hair just doesn't seem to want to cooperate.

Tame fly-aways with hairspray and a toothbrush or brush

Fly-aways can be fixed easily by spraying a small amount of hair spray on an old tooth brush or your hair brush and brushing over the fly-aways. This allows those annoying hairs to be set without making the rest of your hair stiff.

Wear your hair in a bun

Sure it's an obvious one but there are many types of buns such as a messy bun, a topknot, a simple sleek bun and so many others. I'm sure many others like myself get frustrated when they can't tie their hair up the way they want to and the simple solution to that is simply combining this with the other tips outlined in this article such as combining your bun with braid, taming the fly-aways with hairspray or adding accessories.


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